Plaza Group Properties, LLC v. Spencer County, 911 N.E.2d 1264 (Ind. Ct. App. 2009)

Working with the County's attorneys, the firm helped draft a comprehensive sexually oriented business ordinance to regulate a combination strip club/adult bookstore that opened without necessary permits at a former truck stop, restaurant, and convenience store facility on Interstate 64.  The parties litigated the legality of the sexually oriented business and the constitutionality of the County's regulations through the Indiana Court of Appeals, which ruled against the 231 Adult Plaza and in favor of the County (877 N.E.2d 877).  When the business refused to abide by the permanent injunction against operating at its illegal location, the County instituted contempt proceedings.  Two contempt findings and orders did not deter the 231 Adult Plaza.  The third finding of contempt resulted in $317,500, plus attorneys fees, being awarded in the County's favor (911 N.E.2d 1264).  According to reports, the 231 Adult Plaza is no longer in operation.

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